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Apr 16
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Just got back from the hockey game!
Way to go Stars!
First playoff game and they won 2-1 over the Ice Hogs! :)
Congrats to Krahn who held up quite a bit better than Climie did last week (they lost 5-1 to the hogs)….I hadn’t seem them lose a game that badly since they played the Dallas Stars.

Tonight was a very exciting game.
There were some very nice setups, some goals (Benn, Sawada), and infrequent actual fighting until the gang fight at the end.
Two hogs were sent to the dressing room with about 2 secs. left on the clock.
There was a little bit of high sticking and imo, both teams were a tad hard on the goalies, but I suppose that must be a playoff game thing?

The hogs’ goal seemed up for debate at one point, but it seems they got the puck to the goal line before Wilson scooped it back out, so it was a goal.

There were some funniest home videos moments. A hog bent down at one point right in front of Wathier and caused Wathier to flip over the hog’s back. It seemed like it should have been illegal since it seemed so dangerous, but nothing was called, so I suppose it is allowed?

The crowd was a little bored during the break before the 3rd period and actually got a wave going. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen a counter-clockwise wave. :)

It was also a little stressful. I’m SOO glad they won.
They play again tomorrow night (I’ll have to follow online or via radio) and I hope they do as well!

(4/16/2010 10:39 pm)

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