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Apr 16
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Just got back from the hockey game!
Way to go Stars!
First playoff game and they won 2-1 over the Ice Hogs! :)
Congrats to Krahn who held up quite a bit better than Climie did last week (they lost 5-1 to the hogs)….I hadn’t seem them lose a game that badly since they played the Dallas Stars.

Tonight was a very exciting game.
There were some very nice setups, some goals (Benn, Sawada), and infrequent actual fighting until the gang fight at the end.
Two hogs were sent to the dressing room with about 2 secs. left on the clock.
There was a little bit of high sticking and imo, both teams were a tad hard on the goalies, but I suppose that must be a playoff game thing?

The hogs’ goal seemed up for debate at one point, but it seems they got the puck to the goal line before Wilson scooped it back out, so it was a goal.

There were some funniest home videos moments. A hog bent down at one point right in front of Wathier and caused Wathier to flip over the hog’s back. It seemed like it should have been illegal since it seemed so dangerous, but nothing was called, so I suppose it is allowed?

The crowd was a little bored during the break before the 3rd period and actually got a wave going. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen a counter-clockwise wave. :)

It was also a little stressful. I’m SOO glad they won.
They play again tomorrow night (I’ll have to follow online or via radio) and I hope they do as well!

(4/16/2010 10:39 pm)

Mar 07
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Hockey Ramblings

Went to another hockey game Friday night. Stars won 4-3 in OT. I was THRILLED! :) I felt like the IceHogs were outskating them, but I think the Stars wanted the win more. There were several fights. The captain was on his way to a possible hat trick when one of the hogs started a fight and it looked like TC (the captain) ended up with a loose tooth! :(
After the star spangled banner was finished, I heard the little boy behind me (circa 4 years old) say, “was that the America song?” to which his father simply said, “yes” :)
Also of note, is the fact that the Ice Hogs have a player named Cullen (mark). I would think if he wasn’t on the Ice HOGS, his jersey would be popular among Twilighters.
The Ice Hogs are giving out cereal bowls at their next games. This seems like the most useful swag ever and I hope the Stars marketing folks are paying attention. :)

Babbling about Knitting

I should have worked on the WoW blanket this weekend, but distractions are so much fun!
I started a baby hat for a friend’s little girl so that I would have a portable project and have a project to use entrelac on and totally got sucked in. My goal friday was to finish the hat by tomorrow, but I have also gotten distracted from that.
The house is cleaner.
A picture has been framed.
The lint trap outside has been cleaned out (this required the use of the gorilla ladder and some creative footwork so I didn’t break the gutters off the house. At one point, when I was feeling particularly smooth, I compared myself to Katherine Z. J. in Entrapment in my head). :)
A good time was had last night that included dinner with a friend and music with two friends. :)
Syd has new food that has less grains.
TH’s birthday plans have been fleshed out.
I have blogged, so NOW, I can get back to my knitting. :)

One last thing

A friend (L) and I are racing to finish our monster projects. She is halfway through The Carp sweater and I am 46.4% through the WoW blanket! Who will win!?!?! Probably her……as you can see, I distract easily! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

(3/7/2010 7:21 pm)

Feb 26
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Category: hockey

TH is home from his trip. Syd and I are happy to have him safely home. :)

  • The hockey game tonight was really fun. Our team had 37 shots on goal compared to their 26.
  • We won 3-2.
  • I wore the hermoine hat to the hockey game tonight and it was quite a bit less itchy than the Alpaca one, so I’m very happy with it!
  • Also, the two gentleman behind us played Statler and Waldorf the entire game (imagine the old muppet guys in the balcony as hockey fans).
    Their comments included:
    -(when the people next to us left right after the national anthem) “what can they possibly need 22 seconds into a game?”
    -“this looks like the second worst power play we’ve had all season.”
    -“be careful, don’t hurt him!”
    -“he’s just being too lackadaisical.”
  • The near death part of the night~
    As I was eating peanuts, I inhaled the skin of a peanut. I was halfway choking and TH inquired if I was ok, I shook my head no. Now, in case you’re reading this and don’t actually know TH, he’s about 6’1″ and he’s very broad (think Viking). He’s worried that I’m choking to death b/c he can’t hear me breathe and he has had some emergency training, so he pulls back his hand like he’s going to give me a mighty smack on the back due to how we’re seated and his eyes focus like he’s going to give it all he’s got and I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I jerked my hand right in front of his eyes and make the scuba sign for ok! he said, “you’re ok?” and I nodded and he said, “take a breath.” like he didn’t believe me and I was choosing death by choking rather than be struck to remove the object.
    I loudly inhaled and then began laughing which did not improve my partial choking situation. Eventually with my eyes watering, I was able to return to my normal state. I continued laughing. I could just imagine him explaining to the paramedic how I’d been choking, but now, the object was gone, but my back was broken.

  • The only thing the game was lacking was a hockey fight. Oh, what a night! :)

    (2/26/2010 10:43 pm)

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