Katherine the Great
I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.
Jul 30

Knitter and Prolific Sock Knitter
Writer (currently working on a paranormal romance anthology – Join my Inner Circle Email List for updates)
Dancer (Irish Dance, Belly Dance, Tap Dance)
Snow Skier
Scuba Diver
Fightin’ Texas Aggie
Amateur Photographer
Hobbyist Level Behavioral Economist
Dog Person
Romance Reader
Self Help Book Addict
Political Issues Discussion Junkie
Former Programmer
IT Manager
Obsessively Curious Human

My ravelry id is katiemetzroth
I’m @katiemetzroth on Twitter and Instagram (IG is my preferred app, so if you’re trying to be all up in my grill, that’s your best bet.)

Complect Socks

Complect Socks


  1. Rebecca says:

    I also love John Corbett and Wicked. Just for the record. not that you’re keeping track.

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