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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

New Year’s Resolutions 2014

1. Frequent more local eateries.

Sock and Guac.
fyi: the guacamole at Mother’s Cafe is delicious!

2. Finish the quilting project I’ve been working on by April 15. The Husband and I worked on the taxes New Year’s Eve, so I should have some free time in early April.

3. Don’t be jealous, but I also spent New Year’s Eve cleaning off my desk while enjoying a mimosa. That’s how I roll. Start 2014 with a (mostly) clean desk – check!

4. Continue to enjoy driving my all electric Nissan Leaf! 37k + gas free miles and counting! (Stop spending the money I’m saving on yarn. The stash is getting out of control.)

5. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies and frequent the farmer’s market.
Food and Soap

6. Take more time to smell the knitting (or roses).

Syd's nose

Sydney smelling my Sheepy Ornament - more on that Friday.

8. Try 1 new healthy recipe per month.

7. Increase my machine sewing comfort level (from you know, almost none).

8. Finish 14 pairs of socks.

Including my Hunter Hammersen Swoopy Thing on the Foot Socks (more on that tomorrow).
Beach Plum socks
…and the socks formerly known as the Glass Slippers (Bea Socks by Christina Wilkins).
socks formerly known as Glass Slippers

9.Do NOT buy any more items for wrapping gifts. My gift-wrapping supply inventory still makes my yarn stash seem sane.

Have a very happy 2014! I wish you all an amazing year!!!

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May 21
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Today, I’m blogging about the little things I love about my Nissan Leaf over on the Drivers Blog.

One fine day, I was driving down the road near my home admiring how butterflies were flying up my windshield and over my Nissan Leaf without splatting on the glass. I thought how lovely having an aerodynamic car was. Through my haze of bliss, I opened my garage, pulled in, and got out to plug in my car. There on the front bumper near the little charging door was a flattened butterfly. Well, crap! There goes my joy! oh well. I guess not all butterflies get to live happily ever after. So, I very carefully pulled it off by the very edge of its wings and went outside to drop it on the ground so it could maybe feed a bird or something…circle of life and all that.

As I released it, would you believe that it opened its wings and FLEW OFF! Now, I’m not talking about flew a few feet and then collapsed and died. It flew at least 50 feet and then landed in a field of wildflowers. At this point, all the facts about butterflies not being able to fly if you touch their wings flashed through my head. I squashed that logic right down and focused on how little I had touched it and I chose to believe that the butterfly lived in a land of unicorns and rainbows…you know, for like a day, cause butterflies don’t live that long.

But still, it was pretty freaking cool to have a butterfly that had been dead fly off into the flowers! WINNING!

Ps. In case you were wondering, it was moving much too fast to be a zombie butterfly. It was well and truly alive….I think. Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Ps. I’ve logged over 12,000 miles on my Leaf!

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