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Apr 20
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I don’t have some kind of cute or clever blog name today; I’m just so thrilled the Texas Stars won their game last night.

During the first period, Bachman was out of the crease and the other team scored. Sloppy. Did someone tell him it was a playoff game?

An opponent grabbed Rallo’s stick and it seemed he decided not to let go b/c by that point, Greg might stick-whip him….I told TH that Rallo was going to get in a fight before the night was over. TH commented at one point that Larsen was on the ice, they were going to get something happening……turned out to be foreshadowing.

Not much happening for awhile after that and then the other team scored again. ICK! I left my knitting at home to watch hockey for this!?!?! I overheard the gentleman behind me say, “hit him with your purse!” so the game was not without entertainment. And Bach ROCKED the rest of the night – way to shake it off!

The second and third period, the Stars were out shooting the other team, but they just couldn’t seem to get one in the goal, then with about four minutes left, they scored -Way to go, Philip Larsen (who plays defense)!

The refs. periodically took leave of their senses and were calling roughing on Stars when they were being attacked by the opposing team and literally not striking back. That was no bueno, but I guess that’s hockey. sigh. Rallo never actually struck the other player, but I think they might need therapy after whatever he was yelling and the opponent was kicked out of the game for choking him, I think.

Then, Brad Lukowich scored with 20 seconds left in the game (Bachman was out of the net for an extra player). This proved that is it possible for a crowd to will the puck into the net. In overtime, the Stars were in Smith’s head (opposing goalie that looked quite a bit like Krahn, long lost cousin perhaps?) and Travis Morin managed to score first blood and it was over. Down 2-0, the Stars came back in the last 5 minutes and WON.
The series is now 2-1 STARS. GO STARS!

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