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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

I live in the country and we do not have curbside recycling, but since I work in the city and according to my parents have become a tree hugging hippie since moving to Austin, periodically, Truck is loaded up and taken into town so I can recycle on my lunch break.
I don’t love doing this because I do not like to be sweaty in the middle of a work day, so I put it off as long as humanly possible.

Signs I may have waited a little bit too long:
a. It did not all fit in the truck.
b. There were what appeared to be half built birds nests in a couple of the bins.
c. There was a lovely toad nestled in with the clear glass.

Meghan suggested we put him out by the lake when I expressed concern over his well being. But, I was worried about the possibility of him being separated from his little toad family.

Also, this was likely the same toad that I had saved a week prior so I felt somewhat responsible. TH was mowing the grass when I reminded him about the philodendron next to the porch that he could get close to, but should not cut down. I weeded the grass around it by hand and there was a toad nestled at the base of it. So, if this is the same toad, then he clearly likes to live dangerously and I think my backyard might be his best shot at survival. So, I left him in the bin and Meghan and I went to Taco Bell. I got some cool water and put just enough in the tub that he could be in it if he wanted. We used our used TB wrappers to give him some shade in the back of the truck and added more cool water after eating. Back to work we went, where I parked him in the garage so he wouldn’t get overheated. I drove straight home and put the bin in the flower bed sideways so he could hop away when the mood struck.

Within an hour, he was gone. Ostensibly off to get some yummy bugs. Good Luck, Mr. Toad; glad you made it back safe!


  1. Russell says:

    You ROCK!

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