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Jan 21
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I like to write A LOT of New Year’s Resolutions.
I think statistically, this gives me a better shot at keeping them. I think I keep more resolutions than an average person; I really do stack the odds in my favor. :)

Be more healthy – cook and exercise and drink more water (Monday I went for a jog and made homemade tomato soup, so I’m on the right track. :) )

No desserts (or candy) til 3/1 – I’m giving myself a mulligan on this b/c I ate 2 handfulls of M&M’s without thinking at M&G’s wedding….but I had been up since 6am and wasn’t thinking straight. :) I have a stretch goal of 7/1.

No FRENCH FRIES (this does not include waffle fries and sweet potato fries) until 7/1…stretch goal of 2011.
I think the other reason I keep some resolutions is that I build in exceptions. :)

Learn to make crepes.

Learn tatting. (Tatt at least one Christmas ornament.)

No yarn purchasing until 7/1 with a stretch goal of 9/1 – I am not sure I can make it through the Christmas season without buying yarn.
This does not count the yarn I picked up for a friend the other day that she reimbursed me for. :)

A few of my favorite Things

really enjoyed one of the fights at the hockey game Friday. Opposing team player interrupted a celebration after we scored and got socked. I like justice.
I combined two of my fav. things together. I wore my cream alpaca hat to the hockey game.
good news: TH thought I had purchased myself a cute new hat. :)
bad news: Alpaca itches me! I’m thinking of lining the inside headband part with cream ribbon since my hair protects most of my head from the crazy thing. TH’s suggestion was a blow torch to burn off the fuzzies. true story.
Thank goodness I didn’t make a blanket out of this really soft, surprisingly itchy yarn! – bullet dodged

Christmas Syd

Knitting/Crocheting projects
Neopolitan blanket – needs final square and assembling
baseball blanket- needs finishing & detailing
biscuit blanket – see for yourself. :)
Biscuit Blanket

WoW blanket (30% done) – time to start the lion
Santa star vintage Christmas ornament (80% done)- it is laughable that I thought I was going to make several of these. :)

projects planned for 2010 (in no particular order)
finish WoW blanket
knit socks
itty bitty hat for a baby (or 2)
double knit baby blanket
a cable sweater for me. :) or cool gloves?
another biscuit blanket (larger needles – 8)
some kind of Christmas ornament

That’s all for now! Peas out.

(1/21/2010 6:05 pm)

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