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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

A while back, I recommended a baby blanket pattern to a friend that was just starting to cable. It turned out not to be that easy for a first cabling project and she had a little bit of a hot mess on her hands after the second cross. Unsure which row she was on, she was getting ready to throw up her hands. Since the pattern was my idea, I told her I’d take a look, get it straightened out, give it back to her, and tell her which row was next…as long as she wasn’t in a big hurry. She wasn’t.

Fast forward a couple of months. I’m mentally in between projects and I wanted something soothing to work on while I watched Glee. Since, I’ve knit this project before, unknitting it and figuring out what was going on was just what The Doctor ordered.
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket
They don’t look that much different, but basically, I just unknit a couple of rows and then read the knitting to see which row was next. I was going to knit a few rows just to help her get into the flow of the blanket, but I remembered that I’m a much more uptight knitter (I know. You’re shocked.) than she is and the last thing she needs is 3 or 4 TIGHT rows in the middle of the baby blanket, plus… it was getting late.

Since, it is finished object Friday, here’s my finished blanket in a blast from the past.
Cable Blanket by Debbie Bliss

Ps. Check out what other folks have finished at Tami’s Amis and Fiber Arts Friday!

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  1. Carol says:

    Nice baby blanket, I’m about to start one for a friend’s baby – looks like there will be lots of good TV to watch while I’m doing it.
    Carol recently posted..Knitting in OregonMy Profile

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