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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

According to the blog, it looks like I may not have done resolutions in 2012. How unlike me. But, I guess that means I did them all, so yay!
This year, I’d like to:
1. Knit one pair of socks two at a time.
2. Knit with 5 yarns I’ve not tried before.
3. Learn to cook 10 new healthy dishes.
4. Increase my machine sewing comfort level (from you know, almost none).
5. Work on hand quilting. My current skill leaves something to be desired and I’m thinking about something like these for a 2014 project.
Cathedral Window QuiltBlue Cathedral Window Quilt

6. Do NOT buy any more items for wrapping gifts. My gift-wrapping supply inventory is starting to make my yarn stash seem sane.
7. Continue to enjoy driving my all electric Nissan Leaf. Spend all the oil change and gasoline money saved on more yarn!
8. Pay more attention to the garden. More tomatoes. Less basil.
9. Read a few classics (3+) via audio books from the library.
10. Blog at least 6 times per month.
11. Optional: Hunt down and buy a hank of Schaefer Yarn (leaning Heather) since there will be no more.
12. Optional: Knit a cranberry and popcorn garland for the tree next year. (might just end up making a real one if I run out of time. ahem. you know, like, if I spend the whole year knitting socks.)
13. Have a very happy 2013! I wish you all a fantastic year!!!

Ps. If these are your photos and you’d like them removed, pls just let me know. I did link back to what I believe are the original owners so check them out if you’ve a mind. :)

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  1. pip says:

    Now that makes my, ahem, one resolution look a tad lame ;) Happy New Year; hope it’s a good one :)

  2. Jessica says:

    Two at a time socks are easy peasy…that should be quick to cross off from your list! Good luck with all of your resolutions, happy new year!

  3. sandy says:

    Love the pink and green, but blue and green combo has always been a favorite. I think they both look awesome.
    sandy recently posted..Working on NavajoMy Profile

  4. Jackie says:

    So I’m in love with that quilt pattern. It’s beautiful! Wish you were closer so we could take a class together on sewing. Plus, I need you to show me the basics of knitting… YouTube only takes me so far.

    I had really good luck with bell peppers this last year. Red and yellow. Would y’all eat those? My basil took over too. It just multiplies! I also enjoyed my cherry tomatoes.

    • Katie says:

      maybe you can come visit one weekend and we can work on the quilting thing…this particular pattern is said to require a lot of measuring/ironing.
      as to the knitting, knittinghelp.com!!! :)

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