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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

(I have the flu, so I’m posting a Christmas story.)
Let us first note that my brother’s wife (J) had until last fall, never commented on the blog. I assumed she was not a reader. So, I posted pics of the completed socks she was getting for Christmas and didn’t post a blog link on Facebook. No worries. Then, out of nowhere, J commented on HER socks! I thought something to the effect of “Sons of Biscuits! What are the odds?!?” but never said anything.
the rest of the story.
I handed J a Christmas package and she said, “OH! I hope it’s socks!”
me: “It’s better than socks?”
J: as she’s opening, “better than socks?” like she can’t imagine there is such a thing.
She opens the package and is surprised to find the socks that she admired on the blog.
me: “They’re award winning socks! They won honorable mention at the Texas State Fair.”
J was thrilled and immediately kicked off her shoes to try them on. They fit beautifully. WINNING!
Annetrelac Socks 1

At this point, she told me that she did not remember picking out the yarn (I can’t really imagine such a thing, but that’s what she claims) and thinking when she saw the really pretty socks on the blog that they were for one of my other sister’s in law, she was jealous and loved them. I was VERY pleased to have surprised her after all.

Annetrelac Socks 3

Ps. If you fancy a pair of Annetrelac socks for yourself, you might want to buy yourself some Schaefer Anne yarn. I’ve heard that the genius dyer at Schaefer is retiring.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Ooh, entrelac socks! I’m very impressed. I’ve made some entrelac scarves, but I haven’t ramped up to trying socks. They’re very pretty!

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