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We went to visit the in-laws last weekend:
SIL, BIL & baby
SIL, 2 nieces

We had a great time swimming in the pool, going for walks, going to the movies, the mall, Target, out to dinner, playing with the baby, playing hide and seek, and fetch with the dog, etc.

The girls get very excited playing with Sydney, so BIL nicknamed them “the pink mafia”. It fit them perfectly. :)

While playing hide and seek, Niece 2 was hiding in the bathtub with me. She did a great job hiding and was VERY quiet and good, even though she’s a little afraid of the dark. Later, her mom said, “why did you pee in your pullup? you know you’re not supposed to do that?!?” and she said, “Mommy, I was hiding…”
poor thing! – but what a good sport! :) – she’s only two and she evidently has her priorities in order! :)

Syd was flapping her head back and forth “killing” her duck and Niece 1 commented, “Her ears are fast!” :)

SIL, MIL and I visited the local yarn shop and I picked up the yarn for a shrug for SIL. It is a really pretty red, so I can’t wait to start working on it:

Overall, it was a lovely visit. The baby is too cute for words and a very good sport about being passed around even though he was teething.

and for those keeping track at home:
I think my original goal was not to buy any yarn until 9/1 (why was this again?). :)
I bought some yarn in DC that was locally dyed (Feb).
I bought some yarn at a once a year Hill Country Weavers sale (April).
I bought some yarn at YarnBow the one time I went there (May).
I bought some yarn at Twisted Yarns (July).
I have not yet bought any yarn at Hobby Lobby, Joann’s or Michael’s (although, I’ll be picking up some pomp-a-doodle soon).
But on some level, I feel like I’ve definitely cut down on the yarn purchasing, so the stash is no longer growing out of control. :)

(7/11/2010 8:56 pm)

edited to add: Each time I’ve been to Yarnbow, the selection has been great and the owner has been cordial. It is a bit off the beaten path. (2/2/2013)

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