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Jul 06
Comments Off on Knitting Movie Review – White House Down (no spoilers)
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1. This movie was a whole lot better than Olympus has Fallen. I quite enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it again via DVD.
2. The personal story was better – ie the beginning of this movie didn’t resemble Bambi.
3. I liked this president better. Jamie Foxx was likable/charming/funny/playing a well-written character.
4. …and I liked the costuming better. If you’re going to hire an action star with great arms, you should hire a costume designer smart enough to figure out a way to make sleeveless work with the script.

5. I mean, I’m not saying I would have complained about Channing Tatum wearing an aran sweater, but it would have made a lot less sense.

6. He’s wearing a lot of knitwear in The Vow, so it you are in the mood for Channing Tatum in a sweater, that’s your movie.

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