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Sep 19
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TH said:
-wow, that kick’s a$$, honey.
-That looks awesome.

I really like it when people say “wow” about the WoW blanket. I do love a good pun.

It is finished… the Alliance Lion on a blue background and it is the size of a twin bed! The ends have been woven in and TH is using it. I may put a border on it and back it at some point, but for now, I’m just glad to be finished with it. And for those that are keeping track at home, the blanket took me just under a year (I may have been distracted by baby blankets a couple of times along the way).

At one point, TH asked if I’d be ticked if a knitter had my pattern and knitted up a blanket in like a week. I said no, I wouldn’t. The fastest knitter in the world knits 86 sts per minute and that’s straight knitting, not fair isle following a chart. Let’s be generous and say she could do 43 sts/min. fair isle. This blanket is 102,000 stitches give or take. It would take her 39 hours and 30 mins. of straight knitting. So, if it would take the fastest knitter in the WORLD a week, I’m fine with it taking me a year. Fortunately for me, this will not be an issue as Blizzard (creators of the World of Warcraft universe) has spoken and I’m not able to distribute the pattern.

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