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I started knitting toe up socks based on the Amenable pattern by Hunter Hammersen. I went toe up because I only had one hank of yarn and wanted the socks to be as tall as possible. But, I’m having issues. Try to be surprised. I have an even number of stitches on the top of the sock and an even number of stitches on the bottom, but the pattern is based on a 2 stitch repeat. So, I’m trying to figure out if I want to add an extra stitch on top of the foot and have knit 1, purl 1, knit 1 OR just have the pattern start on a knit 1 and end on a purl 1*….Neither option is really sitting well with my mild OCD.
Amenable socks

Then, I visited Gauge Knits and they had another skein of the yarn! I swear it wasn’t there last week. So, now, I feel like the universe is telling me to just knit the pattern as designed. What do you think?
* The pattern is actually much more fun to knit than plain old ribbing, but this seemed the easiest way to explain my quandary.

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  1. karen says:

    gorgeous yarn in the photo! whatever you decide you can always rip it out if it’s wrong :) that’s the beauty of knitting!
    karen recently posted..Currently on the NeedlesMy Profile

    • Katie says:

      It truly is. I’ve already ripped a couple of times. Luckily, it’s a super fun pattern to knit. and reknit. :)

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hmmm, I’d just add another stitch on the top, but you shouldn’t do it if it’s going to bug you. That yarn is PRETTY.
    Bonnie recently posted..Socks on a Softball OutingMy Profile

    • Katie says:

      I think I’m going to add another one smack in the middle as I’m starting the pattern and see if the pattern hides it. fingers crossed.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Sounds to me like you’ll still have to deal with the stitches in the same way even if you knit from the top-down unless the designer has done something within the pattern to change the number of stitches used for the top of foot or something like that. That being said, I usually knit my socks 2-at-a-time so having 2 separate skeins means less tangling. Whatever you decide, happy knitting!
    Stephanie recently posted..Knitting and Reading UpdateMy Profile

    • Katie says:

      Hunter did some magic with the stitch numbers by adding other stitches on the sides, but she has recommended that I do want an odd stitch count on the feet. whee!

  4. Cynthia L says:

    I have always had a fear of knitting socks, so I am of no help there. I love the yarn, stunning!
    Cynthia L recently posted..#WIPWednesday – Knitting, Applique and GardeningMy Profile

  5. Donna says:

    Oh what pretty yarn! I have been favoring toe up lately for just the same reason. Hope you get your pattern issue sorted out. That can be frustrating!
    Donna recently posted..Yarn AlongMy Profile

  6. Hunter says:

    You want an odd number of stitches top and bottom for the foot! So 46 [50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 70, 74] total on the foot, depending on the size. Then you’ll ditch two of those when you do the heel and have two fewer on the leg.
    Hunter recently posted..ColophonMy Profile

  7. I love Little Green Finch, and Gauge for that matter! I think it depends on how much it’s going to bother you. I know I can be irrationally annoyed at something that isn’t ‘just so’ when I’m knitting, so it might be worth it to do it the way that won’t drive you nuts.
    Joanna @ the knitlit twit recently posted..5KCBWDAY3: Wednesday means the week is only half-bakedMy Profile

    • Katie says:

      That should be a thing…”I knit this pattern and it didn’t drive me nuts. You should try it.” or any more nuts than I am anyway. :)

  8. Barbara Payne says:

    Since I have never completed a sock I will not advise…but, oh what lovely yarn!!! Knitting a pair of socks is on my “to knit” list so someday I will get going on that. Note that I said a pair of socks as I have started and came close to knitting a sock and then somehow never finished :)

    • Katie says:

      You totally should. Handknit socks are like clouds! and such fun to show off and gift!

  9. Dunno about the stitch, but the colors are gorgeous! Is there such a thing as a knitted summer scarf? Because in those colors, it would be smashing!
    That Nerdy Girl recently posted..What a pain in the…..neck.My Profile

    • Katie says:

      I assume there are knit summer scarves, but given Texas Summers, I can’t imagine wearing one…but I like where your head’s at!

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