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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

Once upon a time, I ran across Emily (@fiberaddictionem) on Instagram. She was calling for sample knitters and paying in my favorite currency, yarn. I’d already fallen in love with her Freak Like Me colorway, so I jumped at the chance. She sent me the yarn and pattern, Froggin’. The cuff was gorgeous, but then I realized this pattern didn’t show off the yarn as well as it could. So, between the two of us, we concocted a plan. She sent me Don’t Piss off the Redhead which worked with the pattern in a pleasing fashion and I kept the Freak Like Me yarn for another day.

I generally work on one “plain” sock and one complicated sock at a given time. Soon, Freak Like Me was up to bat. Through trial and several errors, this is the pattern I ended up with*
CO 64
k1tbl, p1 ribbing for 1.25 inches for cuff.

1 row of: k1, right cable cross (not twisted), p1 around

k3, p1 ribbing for the rest of the leg until you’re 1 inch above the heel.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel (over half + 4 sts Thank you, @gemkhull on instagram)

After finishing the heel, I went back to p1, k3 ribbing over the top half of the foot and stockinette on the bottom half of the foot until it was time for toe decreases (starting on the center of the bottom of the foot)

decrease round-
knit til 3 before first marker(where top of foot begins), k2tog, k1
k1, ssk, knit til 3 before next marker, k2tog, k1
k1, ssk

non-decrease round-

alternate decrease and non-decrease rounds for 4 rows.
decrease round for 8 rows.
Graft 16 sts.

*This is not so much a pattern as it is me noting where I ended my experiment. Use at your own risk.

To be continued…

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Lovely! Why did you decide to do the round with the right cable cross? I’m intrigued.
    Bonnie recently posted..Rainbows all around!My Profile

    • Katie says:

      I wanted to go from k1tbl,p1 ribbing to knit3,p1 ribbing for the leg and didn’t like the look of just abruptly switching.
      For the toes, I tried the right crosses and decided I preferred the look of abruptly switching to stockinette. I’ve no explanation for that. : )

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