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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

So, I’m friends with Bonnie and we exchange Christmas ornaments. Now, she’s quite the knitter, so I wanted to find something special. I ran across these cute sheep ornaments and knew I’d found it. My first take was too small to fit over the plastic ball I wanted to use so I stuffed it, but it just wasn’t quite up to snuff, so I went up to size 2.75mm needles and gave it another shot. Moneyball! (I still ended up stuffing it, but these sheep look more like king and queen sheep and not court jester sheep.* Practice makes perfect.)
Sheep Ball Sheep Ball

Here’s the ornament doing a scene from Gone with the Wind.
Sheep Ball

Here’s the pattern if you fancy some sheep for your tree.

And look what Bonnie sent. She outdid herself and sent TWO lovely ornaments! This little sock is so perfect I had to ask her if she knit it (even though she mentioned knitting little sock ornaments on her blog – it looks that good).
Yarn Basket and Sock

Aren’t they too much? I LOVE them! Here are the patterns she used:
Yarn Basket
Tiny Sock Ornament

* No offense to any court jester sheep that may be reading this blog. I’m sure you’re all perfectly lovely.

Ps. Check out what others have finished at:
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So, I joined the ornament swap hosted by Christina Lowry and I floated that swap to my bloggy friend, Bonnie of Peaceable Liberal, and she geniusly suggested that she and I swap. I was trying to figure out what to make her when I ran across her blog post about these ornaments by Attic 24.
Crocheted ornaments
Bonnie doesn’t really crochet so this would be perfect! Here’s my first try. ew….I didn’t even finish one side.
Bauble Take 1

Here’s my second go. eh. This one is fine, but not great.
Bauble Take 2
Third time’s the charm!
Bauble Ornament

THEN you know that magic that people make when they create ships in a bottle? Well, Bonnie conjured up Knitting in an Ornament and sent it to me! I love it! I found a spot on my tree where two white lights were together so I could spotlight it….and just so you know, the “needles” are made from toothpicks and little wooden beads. Genius.
Knitting in an Ornament

She also sent me Hoosier Doot salad dressing and yummy apple butter from Indiana. The Hoosier sauce is so good that I continue to fight the urge to pour some in a shot glass and drink it. No, I’m not kidding. Hoosier Doot & Apple Butter
Thanks, Bonnie, that was a ton of fun!!!
Ps. Here’s Bonnie’s blog about our swap if you want “the rest of the story”

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