Katherine the Great
I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

I got a gnome wet.
Gnome 1
Now there are 16 gnomes. Then, I caught them eating after midnight.
Gnomes 3
…and they might have a wee drinking problem.
Gnomes 4

Now, it’s raining gnomes!
Gnomes 2
Mine raveled here.
Ps. Don’t forget that Gremlins is a great holiday movie. You’re welcome.
Pps. Happy Birthday to my SIL. A, you are the wind beneath my wings and I hope you have an incredible day!

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Feb 13
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This is my very first blog:

I learned to knit several years ago and knitted a few scarves, a purse, a makeup bag, and then I discovered crocheting. I love it. It is so easy! and ripping out (frogging) is so much less painful! I still knit because I prefer the look of knitted cables, but I love the speed of crochet! I’m working on a huge navy crocheted blanket for my husband and a small cream knitted aran afghan for me right now.

I’ve included an album here with pictures of some of my recent projects. ENJOY!

(2/13/2009 9:37am)


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