Katherine the Great
I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

Today is a very good friend’s birthday and I have to disclaim that I haven’t knit socks for her….yet. But, this yarn, my fair readers, is going to become socks for her just as soon as I find a pattern that suits her…it will have to be a special pattern because she is one special lady.

Socks that Rock - Medium Weight - Rare Gems Mill Ends - Earth

Socks that Rock - Medium Weight - Rare Gems Mill Ends - Earth

She’s a fantastic friend…the kind of friend that will listen to your woes without judgement and then calmly come up with a creative solution while making you feel like it was your idea.

She’s beautiful and funny in a way that would make you swear she’s British if she didn’t have the smooth accents of a true Texas girl.

People talk about her superpower (staying calm in times of crisis), and they’re right, it’s amazing, but she’s so much more than that.

She knows how to make the best of any situation (because if nothing else, you can laugh about it later).

She’ll laugh with you. and cry.

She’ll keep a secret.

She’ll inspire you to be a better person.

She’ll pick you up to celebrate your birthday (even if she’s a little under the weather).

She’ll understand where you’re coming from.

She’s proof that blondes can be smart as a whip.

She’s patient and kind and cares about the less fortunate.
….and when you’ve given up on knitting because you’re just too slow, ladies and gentlemen, she’s the person that will tell you, “You should try continental.”

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