Katherine the Great
I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

I got a gnome wet.
Gnome 1
Now there are 16 gnomes. Then, I caught them eating after midnight.
Gnomes 3
…and they might have a wee drinking problem.
Gnomes 4

Now, it’s raining gnomes!
Gnomes 2
Mine raveled here.
Ps. Don’t forget that Gremlins is a great holiday movie. You’re welcome.
Pps. Happy Birthday to my SIL. A, you are the wind beneath my wings and I hope you have an incredible day!

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I accomplished quite a bit with my recent spring cleaning episode. Then, I was knitting along in the evenings as per my usual M.O.
July 4th, I took a break to go tubing with The Husband. Once we got back, I was opening some meat to defrost it when I cut the tip of my left middle finger. A little while later, we decided I did not need stiches, so after it stopped bleeding, The Husband put Neosporin and a 3M adhesive strip on it and we called it good. The next day, I went to the doctor to get a Tetanus shot and he bandaged it up like a mummy…

…which was good because him saying it was a little tender was a gross understatement. Mad props to the dr. for doing this; it provided the cushion needed to keep me (and those around me) sane.
The interesting part of my doctor’s visit was him assuming for one hot minute that I’d had a Tetanus shot recently. Evidently, I seem like the kind of person that gets into scrapes enough to be current on my Tetanus. I wonder what made him think that? Was it my confidence in knowing I hadn’t cut myself enough to need stitches? Was it TH’s lovely 3M adhesive strip/Neosporin job? I shall assume it was one of those.

Either way. No knitting for several days.

Ps. There was a permanent note on the doctor’s door telling people “In case of emergency, call 911.” Sound advice for sure.

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Apr 08
Comments Off on Sydney enjoys some Easter egg hunting as only a dog can.
Category: Sydney

I hid some Easter eggs in obvious places on the ground for Syd.
She didn’t get it.
She kept looking at me like, “What am I supposed to do with these? You know I don’t have thumbs, right?”

Then, I hid them in the dining room. These were going to be harder because as you can see, these eggs are camouflaged.

Then, she ate the treat out of this one, but kept pushing the egg around….just in case.

…gotta love her!

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