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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

Just in case you think I’m a fan of every movie I see, here are my thoughts on Olympus has Fallen.

1. Gerard Butler and his voice coach (I assume he had one) did a nice job of hiding his Scottish accent.

2. Can someone explain to me why a guy that is picking up loaded guns off of bodies in every other scene is spending the rest of the movie getting in fist and knife fights? I waited in vain for “looks like you brought a knife to a gun fight”.
Olympus Has Fallen

3. I think this movie is a hard sell because Americans may not be fans of such an epic fail of our security that the White House is taken over in half an hour…..or maybe that’s just me.

4. I do not think a woman who has fought hard enough to be Secretary of Defense would give up that easily. I don’t care that the president told her to. She wouldn’t let history remember her that way….but I guess very little in this movie was realistic.

5. And now for my mini rant that Ashley Judd (playing the first lady) was riding in a car in a snowstorm in a dress with thin straps and NO covering of any kind (I think she had a wrap on when she exited the building?).
Olympus Has Fallen
This would have been a nice place for a pretty cabled cape or beautiful lace shawl. Something like either one of these would have been lovely:


image copyrighted by Eva Miehe (used with permission)


image copyrighted by Twinkerbell (used with permission)

6. Overall, this movie started off a bit like “Bambi” and then turned into a wannabe “Air Force One”. I didn’t love it.

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Apr 02
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This movie was well-cast, had great special effects and the script wasn’t bad. I expected explosions, fights, and a decent plot and I got all three. It delivered more than most sequels.
My only real complaint is that Ryan Hansen (you might remember him as Candy Andy from 2 Broke Girls) didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the team. With a plane full of soldiers, it felt like a game of “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same”. But he was really only in one or two scenes, so that wasn’t a big deal.

There was a little thing going on between Jaye and Flint and I wish there had been a little more of that. Maybe they were worried about running long as it was already 110 minutes. or maybe there’s another sequel in the pipeline.
In other news, there’s a sequence near the beginning where Flint seems to be doing Parkour, so I had to look it up and see if he’s a gymnast, looks like no, but his stunt double, Albert Valladares, on the other hand, is a different story. very cool.

Oh, and the soundtrack didn’t suck.

Ps. Work continues on the striped sock.

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The Husband and I met my Twilight crew after work on Friday to watch The Host at Flix Brewhouse. I recommend their fried pickles (even if you don’t normally like fried pickles).

I made progress on stripy sock two for my tiny friend that LOVES socks, but does not yet know how to knit.

Overall, the movie was a good adaptation of the book. There were some great sets, nice special effects, and adequate acting. Chrome dipped Lotuses and helicopters added the shiny factor and the humor from the book carried over remarkably well. (SPOILER ALERT) My main complaint was that the body Wanda ended up in looked too much like Melanie. Creepy.

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