Katherine the Great
I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

Ok, I’m back from digging through my stash for two-ply yarn to use for my Chrysanthemums.

I have Madline Tosh Merino Light in Fathom and Winter Wheat (this is actually 4 ply – hmm. I guess Tosh sock yarn is 2-ply).
Madeline Tosh Merino Light Winter Wheat

I have some Malabrigo sock yarn in Violeta Africana (this is 3 ply, but I love it!).
Violeta Africana

Found this Handwerks So-soft Milkweed (The color is good, but it’s 4 ply…and it is so soft because it has cashmere, so it might be fuzzy).

OR I have Dragonfly Fibers Sock Yarn in Deep Ocean (rats, this is 4 ply also)…..hmmm.

Ok. I just looked up my socks with the best stitch definition. They are out of 4-ply Shibui Knits Sock AND 4 ply Barking Dogs Achilles. So, maybe I don’t get that hung up on how many plies there are after all.

After seeing this picture on the A.D.D. knitter’s blog, I’m leaning Malabrigo.Sock by A.D.D Knitter

Which color do you like?

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