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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

A friend of mine took a picture of the gnome I sent him for Christmas and it looked so good, I had to share. I think the other gnomes will be a wee bit jealous.
Happy Epiphany, Ya’ll!

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Ok, I really am going to try to knit something other than gnomes before the people that know me IRL check me into some kind of gnome rehab, but before they catch me and cart me off, I have a few random things to say.
The day my gnome yarn came in the mail, I couldn’t resist a picture before I got started. I love the colors!

Doesn’t this gnome remind you of Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2?
Ivan Vanko GnomeIvan Vanko

If all of a sudden while you are weaving in the ends, a gnome is suddenly missing a leg, don’t despair. You can use the brown yarn you’re weaving in to kind of create a couple of loops that look like part of an i-cord and then make a loop through those to create the end of his leg, and then weave in the yarn you have left, then bippity boppity boo, you’ve created a leg after the fact. (This is much more clear when you have a leg there to try to match.) Ask me how I know.
Orange Gnome
Also, don’t worry if same gnome happens to look like Hellboy from some angles. This particular gnome had a bit of an identity crisis. He wanted to be different than all the other gnomes, so I let him be, although I did sew in his eyes.

Ps. Check out what others have finished at Tami’s Amis and Wisdom begins in Wonder and Natural Suburbia

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When the assembly line was invented, I’m sure it seemed like a grande idea. However, when applied to gnome-making, it got kind of monotonous. The good news was that I’d woven in the ends as I went, or I might have gone off the deep end.
Step 1. Make gnomes.
Gnomes 5
Step 2. Add beards.
Gnomes 6
Step 3. Add eyes (cause they look Creepy McCreeperson without them)
16 Gnomes

Step 4. Decide that the gnomes are just too cute and what you really need is a full set (whatever that means) – you must have more.
Gnome 17
I think I might have a problem.
Ps. To see what other folks are working on, check out Tami’s Amis.

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