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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

This past May, I was spending quite a bit of time at the vet office. So, I cast on plain black socks for The Husband because that suited my mood at the time. When they had Sydney in the back running tests, I would occupy my mind with stitch after stitch and not think about worst case scenarios. Thankfully, Sydney pulled through and is ALMOST 100%.
yellow lab Sydney

Here she is doing her Monet impression with her stuffed dragon.
yellow lab Sydney

…and The Husband opted for purple heels in his plain black socks. This was super exciting because I’m not a plain black sock kind of girl and he is very much a plain black sock kind of guy.
Plain Black Socks
A happy healthy dog and finished purple heeled socks for The Husband. My cup runneth over!

Ps. I ravelryed my details for the 12W size if you are interested in that type of info.
Pps. Check out what other folks have finished at Tami’s Amis and Fiber Arts Friday!

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If you are a Hunter Hammersen fan, her patterns are on sale til the end of the day (eastern time), so pick out the ones you want!

Also, her new book will ship soon, so if you wanted to get it on sale, now is the time!!!

Sydney got another checkup after reducing some of her meds. Her red blood cells are holding steady, so I’m very excited. We stopped on the way home to buy her a plain vet-approved Sonic burger to celebrate!
Sydney and her sonic burger

Well, my girl’s home and she seems ok. She’s not up to her fighting weight (needs go gain about 7 pounds.) Are you as jealous of that as I am? :) We have taken a couple of walks to the end of the street, but no farther. It seems so crazy for her to be lagging behind after a half mile. The two miles we used to walk never seemed to slow her down. The vet is most worried about the muscle loss.
See? Poor poor Sydney! So, he’s still researching that, but in the meantime, she seems like she’s gonna live, so I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the positive thoughts and prayers. If you would like to keep them up, we’d really appreciate it!!

While waiting on her to get tests at the vets, I’ve worked on a sock while alone in the exam rooms. It seems terribly morbid being that it’s a plain black sock, but actually, it was exactly what I needed:
1. Mindless knitting.
2. Pattern that The Husband is willing to wear.
3. Using gift yarn that I could never make socks for myself with because I’d go blind trying to read the stitches with my favorite complicated patterns (if you’re a non-knitter, stitches in black sock yarn are VERY hard to see).
4. Color TH is willing to wear (choices were black or white). :)

The Husband's sock

haven't put the afterhought heel in yet, so, this is my foot

This project came about at exactly the right time so now, I officially believe in knitting fate.

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