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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

I love Christmas. I love the glitter and the idea of snow and gingerbread houses, the Nativity, garland, stockings, Christmas trees, ornaments, twinkle lights, holiday music, holiday cards, Santa, hallmark movies…..I love it. Every year, I make a photo collage to stick in a card and send to my peeps. Last year, I thought I’d save some trees and just send a flat photo card printed on recycled paper cardstock. So, I ordered some from minted.com and they arrived 12/11. I requested they print cards that matched the digital proof they’d sent me – ie NOT crop my nephew out of a group photo and NOT crop The Husband’s head in our comic con picture. “Sure, no problem” they said, “you’ll have them Monday. (12/16).
12/19 comes and goes and they still have not SHIPPED my cards. How am I going to be able to send them out by 12/19 as I needed to if they have not even been shipped yet? I’m not. I’m going to have to give out the crappy ones they sent to begin with. FAIL.
(AND I had to deal with three different “print quality specialists” to get the second set to be acceptable. In the end, I had to tell them how to do their job to get a proof that wouldn’t be cropping people out of photos. inconceivable!)
Every time I called for help, their hold times were over an hour…and these cards were not cheap, ya’ll.
If you want a collage card, take my advice and use snapfish. I’ve used them for years and will be going back to them this year. So long, minted.com.

To balance out the negativity I just put out into the world, I’d like to wish each and every one of you a VERY happy Day!


Overall, this was a fun romantic comedy. The Husband thought it was just ok (I think this rom. com. was just a hair light on the com. for him.)
On to the important stuff….the knits. There were some nice sweaters and a couple of scarves in this movie.

1. Michael B. Jordan (Mikey) sports a couple of cardigans. The cable one with a shawl collar and pockets was the most interesting to me, but you know I’m a sucker for cables.

2. He was also wearing a fine-gauge gray v-necked sweater. Layered with a jacket and a gray worsted weight knit scarf, it’s a really sharp look.
That Awkward Moment

3. Zac Efron (Jason) wore a gray sweater that had a bright liner that I liked the idea of.
Zac Efron Sweater

4. In other news, whoever put a denim shirt on Zac Effron for one scene really needed to rethink that decision….(sound of me making sure there are no denim shirts in my closet of any sort). pro-tip: If Zac Effron can’t pull it off…….

5. Imogen Poots (Ellie) was wearing a scarf that looked like it might have been a pretty lace pattern but we never got a really good look at it. When I watch the DVD at home, you can bet I’ll be pausing to check that out.

So, for me, I say go ahead and check this movie out. I should disclaim that I love nearly all rom. coms….oh, and it’s rated R, so don’t take your mum.
Running time: 94 mins.

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I’m not gonna lie. I can’t really tell you if there were any knits in this movie because I spent most of the movie being stressed out. I can tell you that someone gets stabbed in the neck and they aren’t wearing a wool scarf that could have doubled as gauze to put pressure on the wound. Pretty sure they would have made it if someone had loved them enough to handknit them a scarf.
Overall, the film was well-acted, well-written, etc. but I found it a bit disturbing. Several of the characters were cold and cruel and the violence was a bit much for even me at points. Now, I think I was supposed to be disturbed by how poorly the have-nots were being treated and that was the point of the movie. But, my advice is to take a few minutes to think about those less fortunate than you, maybe donate the price of a movie ticket to the Red Cross or organization of your choice if you like, and skip this movie…also, go ahead and knit a scarf or two. You know. Just in case.

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