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Mar 06
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Friday night, TH and I went to see the Texas Stars play the San Antonio Rampage. It was AWESOME!

First period, Climie was in the SA goal and he played for the Stars last season. I would not have wanted to be Climie; your fans don’t really cheer for you when you’re on a rival team. Texas scored 3 times on him before SA switched him out for Fallon (called Jimmy Fallon the rest of the game). By the end of the first period, it was Stars 4. Rampage ZERO and I think at least two fights had happened.

The second period was scoreless, but I think the fight count went up to maybe six? I lost count.
At one point, it was standing room only in the penalty boxes (four guys from each team in the boxes). Gazdic got one for inciting. I’d not heard that called before. A guy a couple of rows behind us who seemed to be a HUGE Fortunis fan repeatedly said, “BEST game all season!”

The third period, there were less fights, but still a few. Due mostly to a double minor? penalty on a Star, the Rampage managed to get up 5-4 and the Stars were desparate not to lose after being so far ahead. At this point, the gentleman behind us was heard muttering, “STILL the best game of the season.” With 18 seconds left, the Stars SCORED to force overtime! The crowd went insane!!

Sudden death overtime was going to be nerve wracking, but then it looked like a Rampage broke a Star’s tooth and the penalty allowed the Stars to be on a power play. They scored and it was over. Stars WON!!!! Go STARS! :-)
What a game!

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