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Oct 15
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Breaking Dawn 2 is coming out in about a month, so I’m starting to think about Twilight party preparations. I realized I’d never posted how to upgrade a regular storebought cake to Twilight party quality, so here you go!

1. Buy what I think is a 1/4 sheet cake at your local grocery store. I got an Italian Cream Cake, but I’m hoping next time that there’s a red velvet option. It was in the fridge section and had hard cream cheese icing with chocolate decorative swirls on top.
2. Buy black decorating gel.
3. Use toothpicks to carefully peel the icing design off the top of the cake. You can still see where the chocolate icing design bled onto the top of the cake behind “Twilight”, but the icing itself is gone.
Twilight Cake
4. I printed the word Twilight out (using Google images search) and carefully cut the letters out – leaving the template/stencil. You’ll need an exacto knife, a cutting board, and some patience.
5. Place the template on the cake and paint it in with the black gel icing until “Twilight” has emerged.
6. Carefully remove paper stencil and stick the the cake in your fridge until you’re ready to serve it to your fellow Twilighters.

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