Katherine the Great
I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

These socks are determined that I hate them. But, I will not be deterred. I love the idea of them.
and the yarn.
and the person they are for.
So I shall love them, despite their best efforts.

I was supposed to cast on 56 stitches for the second sock. You know. So it would match the first sock.

Night of the Living Socks

sorry for the repeat pic, but the pic of sock 2 was carried away in the night by tiny aliens (not really, it was a hard drive failure, but that's boring.)

As I got to the heel and was really happy with my dropped stitches, I realized that I was only working with 54. Rat on a stick! But, I talked to their soon-to-be owner and decided not to panic (read “she talked me off the ledge”).

Our conversation went something like this:
Me: I only cast on 54 for the second sock!….and the first sock fit well and it was 56 stitches!….and I’m just OCD enough to be bothered that they don’t match; it is all I can do to not just RIP!
Bonita: Wait. I will try it on.
Me: But they won’t be perfect.
Bonita: They’re perfect because they’re handmade by you.
Me: Well, one of your feet is probably 2 stitches skinnier than the other.
Bonita: Yes, that’s why I limp.
Me: you limp?
Me: …or are you pulling my leg?
Me: again.
Me: That’s why I limp.

She tried it on. She deemed it acceptable.

It was a smidge tight.

You know I ripped it out.

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  1. Carrie says:

    You are too much. They’re fabulous and you’re just a ripping.

    I think they look pretty perfect. And that color is great!

  2. Sezza says:

    Oh no!! I so totally would have fudged it!

  3. Russell says:

    who needs an intervention when you’ve got Bonita at your side, but just in case she’s not there i’m sure there is a group or medicine for that…

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