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As you may recall, these puppies gave me a bit of a problem.
Polyammatus Socks

But, I got them straightened out and they ended up looking nice AND fitting L after just a bit of work. Behold, “socks on fire”!
Polyommatus argiolus Sock

Pattern: Polyommatus argiolus Sock by Hunter Hammersen

Size: Large
Decreased foot by 6 stiches on bottom of foot. Per Hunter’s advice, decreased for toes on top every other row first until top and bottom of foot lined up for toe decreases.

Needles: 2.0 mm bamboo (one casualty)

Yarn: Blue Ridge Yarns Jubilee – Dragon’s Breath (I don’t love the way this yarn pools. It took a bit of doing to get an effect I was pleased with. I am not likely to use it again even though it is TEMPTING given all the compliments the socks in progress got.)

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