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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

First, if you are a fan of the blue/purple swoopy thing on the foot socks, the pattern is out sometime today on violentlydomestic.com
Handknit Blue Socks

Second, here are my green socks in progress with some bluebonnets because. well. because I LOVE bluebonnets, so I’m going to enjoy the hell out of them while I can!
Handknit Green Socks

And finally, because I was wearing them, here’s a glamour shot of my Linaria Bipartita Socks
Handknit Socks in Bluebonnets

This yarn (Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering) has pilled, but putting these on feels like snuggling happy baby bunnies against my toes, so I don’t care.

Ps. To see what others are working on, check out:
Tami’s Amis
Small Things(I started listening to Uglies but I wasn’t feeling it. Not sure what I’ll start next.)
Frontier Dreams

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  1. Michelle says:

    Swoopy thing is awesome! Do want! Thanks for the heads up.
    Michelle recently posted..WIP Wednesday: A little something for myselfMy Profile

  2. Carrie says:


    That is absolutely a new word I will run in the ground.


    I love it.

    And those socks? Pure awesomeness.
    Carrie recently posted..My husband goosed me, but I assure you it wasn’t the goose I was wanting.My Profile

  3. Bonnie says:

    Beautiful socks AND flowers! Knitting + Plants = My Favorite Kind of Post. I’m sorry the Plucky pilled. That’s a bummer.
    Bonnie recently posted..Chevrons, PleaseMy Profile

  4. Michelle says:

    The socks are scrumptious! And, your scenic backdrop for this photo shoot is gorgeous! And, you’re brave to lay your socks on a barbed fence; the things we do for blog photos! :-D
    Michelle recently posted..MMM14My Profile

    • Katie says:

      Yes, so far, I haven’t had anything too terrible happen whilst trying to get photos. But the year is young. :)

  5. Bluebonnets!!! And your socks are beautiful! I haven’t made a pair of socks yet. I have too many sweaters in my Ravelry favorites. :)

    • Katie says:

      I never thought I’d make socks and now I’m totally addicted (almost typed addictive. Yes, I’m addictive. Be addicted to my blog. You are getting very sleepy.)

  6. LOVE the socks and flowers! I don’t blame you for enjoying the bluebells! Don’t all socks pill/felt eventually?
    Emily (snapdragoncrafts) recently posted..month o’ socks: finish #2My Profile

    • Katie says:

      Thank you! :) There is pilling and then there’s Pilling. I don’t mind either when it’s expected. The unexpected things are what get to me (I’m looking at you, Lorna’s Laces rainbow yarn that bled all over yourself).

  7. Andi says:

    Those socks are fantastic!
    Andi recently posted..Good days…My Profile

  8. Alicia says:

    So many socks! I’m jealous of your sock drawer.
    Alicia recently posted..Happily HandspunMy Profile

  9. Evelyn says:

    oh what awesome socks! Love them
    Evelyn recently posted..Sock-es and Swatch-esMy Profile

  10. Carol says:

    Such pretty pictures and I love the socks. you have inspired me to go beyond knitting striped socks!
    Carol recently posted..Red RocksMy Profile

  11. I envy your knitting ability so much. (I can knot that stuff up like nobody else…but not intentionally.) Your socks are beautiful!
    That Nerdy Girl recently posted..A simple plan. With bacon.My Profile

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