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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

If there’s one thing that makes me happier than my FIRST finished sweater, it’s pictures of me wearing said sweater in BLUEBONNETS! (especially since this sweater had a rough start)
Owl Sweater in Bluebonnets

Texas cooled off nicely one last time and I feel like it was just for me. (No, I’m not self absorbed, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.)
Owl Sweater in Bluebonnets

Meghan graciously agreed to play photographer. What I love about Meghan is that when I say, “I want a picture of me doing a handstand”, she just nods and asks, “which way are you going to face?”

Handstands were more difficult than I remembered. I blame the uneven ground (but I started doing pushups more regularly after this, so you can make your own assumptions). Luckily, Meghan has AMAZING timing.
Owl Sweater Handstand

And since the Delias socks were present, we couldn’t leave them out!Delias Socks in Indian Paintbrushes

Back to our regularly scheduled sweater report….
Pattern: Owls by Kate Davies
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash
Colorways: Mocha Heather, Bitter Chocolate (edging)

Seriously, try this sweater on as you go. You’ll be happier.

If you see a picture of the owls sweater that looks like it has increases or something near the boobs, that was an earlier version of the pattern.

My dark chocolate edging was inspired by Lladybird’s owl sweater.

If you graft toes of socks, that skill will come in handy for the underarms.

If you put your hands under your arms like you would in the chicken dance, that’s where you should stop knitting the body and when you should stop knitting the sleeves. (read this tip in the Owls group on ravelry)

I tried the Tubular Cast On, but I just didn’t love the way it looked, so I went back to my old friend, the German Twisted Cast On.

Make sure to start your owls where you want them so they are symmetrical or centered as you prefer. I used the crap out of stitch markers while knitting this puppy.

Cast On for two sizes larger than my size.

Back decreases as written and continued decreasing until I couldn’t any more.

Didn’t do any back increases (did them all under the arms so they were less noticeable)
Back of the Owl Sweater

(Meghan is also the kind of friend that will loan you her jacket so you don’t have to go back to work with bluebonnet stains on your pants.)

Cast On for two sizes larger than my size with 5.5mm needle (German twisted co). Did the ribbing with 6.0mm and then switched to 5.5mm for the arms. Did 8 inches even (including ribbing) and THEN started the increases as written until I got the number of sts called for in my size and then just knit even to my underarm.

Put 6 sts aside for underarm (4 just did not seem like enough to me)

I wish I’d done a more loose cast on (like over two needles even though that seemed too loose at the time). For me, getting the cast on even close to right was the hardest part of this sweater.
Meghan and Katie in the Bluebonnets

* Meghan and I tiptoed through the bluebonnets, being careful not to crush the wee beasties. Thanks for being my photographer, Meghan! The funny thing about this pic was her twin toddlers’ reaction, “Two Mamas!”. I guess when you’re a twin you think there’s two of everyone else too.

Ps. Check out what others have finished at:
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Dec 30
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I spent a good portion of November on my slate blue socks for a KAL and skated in just under the wire. only to realize that I’d accidently screwed up the pattern on the top of the second foot in my haste (and cockiness). I still have not decided if I’ll rip or not, but just now, I’m leaning towards the personal growth route and leaving them. (don’t ask me why being ok with substandard socks is personal growth. it just is.)
Delias eucharis Sock

You know a pattern is lovely when there’s a big glaring mistake and the socks still look damn good. This pattern starts off slow, but you’ll be moving so fast by the foot of the second sock that you may make a careless cabling mistake. You’ve been warned.

Pattern: Delias eucharis Sock by Hunter Hammersen

Yarn: Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering (I was worried I’d run out of yarn, but my feet are size 7.5-8 and I had plenty.)

Colorway: Flying Atlas

Needles: 2.25mm (if you’ve got a sock knitter in your life, Signature Needle Arts dpn’s make a lovely Valentine surprise.)

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The Husband and I celebrated twelve years of wedded bliss in August. He bought me yarn. That is to say that I used the Pay Pal account to buy myself some delicious Plucky Knitter yarn during a couple of her sales and mentioned it in passing to The Husband. I could not believe how fast their stuff sells out!…until it arrived in the mail and then understanding dawned. Gorgeous!
Plucky Knitter yarn
From left, may I introduce: Elegant Elephant, Flying Atlas, Oz, and Barn Door Primo Fingering along with Peep Toes Primo Sport ( Primo = merino, cashmere, nylon). Silk and linen are the traditional materials for 12 years. Close enough!

The Husband has a hard time keeping up with which yarn and pattern shops I purchase from, so I get questions like “Who is Violently Dom?”. That’s what Hunter Hammersen’s patterns and books show up as and it stumps him every time. This time, the question was, “Who is Plucky Knitter and why do they have all my money?” I just grinned and said, “That’s the yarn you bought me for our anniversary.” Ain’t love grand?!
Ps. Plucky Knitter has lovely customer service too; the first package arrived with a note letting me know that the Peep Toes would be following shortly.

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