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Mar 18
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I doubt ya’ll will be suprised that I’m choosing to blog right this minute because Hunter Hammersen is calling for pattern testers and I’m lurking online for the call for the pattern I envision in green.
In other news, I sort all my sock yarn by color except for Plucky Knitter and Madelinetosh Merino Light which I just realized is not the best system (if it is a system at all). I probably should sort them ALL by color…need to reorganize the yarn closet anyway – spring cleaning and all that.
Plucky Knitter - Primo Fingering - Oz
So, Plucky Knitter – Primo Fingering – Oz is next up to bat. and then Barking Dog Yarns – Achilles – Robin Hood will be next in the queue (thanks for voting).
Now, I’m off to update my ravelry stash!

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The Husband and I celebrated twelve years of wedded bliss in August. He bought me yarn. That is to say that I used the Pay Pal account to buy myself some delicious Plucky Knitter yarn during a couple of her sales and mentioned it in passing to The Husband. I could not believe how fast their stuff sells out!…until it arrived in the mail and then understanding dawned. Gorgeous!
Plucky Knitter yarn
From left, may I introduce: Elegant Elephant, Flying Atlas, Oz, and Barn Door Primo Fingering along with Peep Toes Primo Sport ( Primo = merino, cashmere, nylon). Silk and linen are the traditional materials for 12 years. Close enough!

The Husband has a hard time keeping up with which yarn and pattern shops I purchase from, so I get questions like “Who is Violently Dom?”. That’s what Hunter Hammersen’s patterns and books show up as and it stumps him every time. This time, the question was, “Who is Plucky Knitter and why do they have all my money?” I just grinned and said, “That’s the yarn you bought me for our anniversary.” Ain’t love grand?!
Ps. Plucky Knitter has lovely customer service too; the first package arrived with a note letting me know that the Peep Toes would be following shortly.

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