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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

First, if you are a fan of the blue/purple swoopy thing on the foot socks, the pattern is out sometime today on violentlydomestic.com
Handknit Blue Socks

Second, here are my green socks in progress with some bluebonnets because. well. because I LOVE bluebonnets, so I’m going to enjoy the hell out of them while I can!
Handknit Green Socks

And finally, because I was wearing them, here’s a glamour shot of my Linaria Bipartita Socks
Handknit Socks in Bluebonnets

This yarn (Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering) has pilled, but putting these on feels like snuggling happy baby bunnies against my toes, so I don’t care.

Ps. To see what others are working on, check out:
Tami’s Amis
Small Things(I started listening to Uglies but I wasn’t feeling it. Not sure what I’ll start next.)
Frontier Dreams

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Dec 30
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I spent a good portion of November on my slate blue socks for a KAL and skated in just under the wire. only to realize that I’d accidently screwed up the pattern on the top of the second foot in my haste (and cockiness). I still have not decided if I’ll rip or not, but just now, I’m leaning towards the personal growth route and leaving them. (don’t ask me why being ok with substandard socks is personal growth. it just is.)
Delias eucharis Sock

You know a pattern is lovely when there’s a big glaring mistake and the socks still look damn good. This pattern starts off slow, but you’ll be moving so fast by the foot of the second sock that you may make a careless cabling mistake. You’ve been warned.

Pattern: Delias eucharis Sock by Hunter Hammersen

Yarn: Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering (I was worried I’d run out of yarn, but my feet are size 7.5-8 and I had plenty.)

Colorway: Flying Atlas

Needles: 2.25mm (if you’ve got a sock knitter in your life, Signature Needle Arts dpn’s make a lovely Valentine surprise.)

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Mar 18
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I doubt ya’ll will be suprised that I’m choosing to blog right this minute because Hunter Hammersen is calling for pattern testers and I’m lurking online for the call for the pattern I envision in green.
In other news, I sort all my sock yarn by color except for Plucky Knitter and Madelinetosh Merino Light which I just realized is not the best system (if it is a system at all). I probably should sort them ALL by color…need to reorganize the yarn closet anyway – spring cleaning and all that.
Plucky Knitter - Primo Fingering - Oz
So, Plucky Knitter – Primo Fingering – Oz is next up to bat. and then Barking Dog Yarns – Achilles – Robin Hood will be next in the queue (thanks for voting).
Now, I’m off to update my ravelry stash!

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