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I struggled with whether I was going to review this movie on the blog because I didn’t know if I wanted to admit to having seen it. It was that vulgar. So….don’t go see this one with your dear sweet mother. That being said, I thought most of the movie was pretty funny. A couple of times, I thought, “too far. seriously, too far.” but overall, I was amused. The main reasons I decided to confess to having seen this movie are James Franco and his cardigan(s).

I don’t know if the cardigan he wore for most of the movie is a hand knit, but he’s playing himself in the movie and he seems like the kind of guy that would own a couple of nice cardigans.
James Franco's Cardigan

At some point, he seems to have said during an interview, “I’m a big cardigan sweater guy.” I knew there was something I liked about him.
James Franco - cardigan

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I cannot respect that cardigan with the uneven hem.

    • Katie says:

      counted buttons and button-holes and he just buttoned it crooked bc he’s that cool.

  2. Pumpkin says:

    Yeah I’ve heard everyone who’s seen it say the exact same thing. Not my kind of movie. The only movie of that genre that I have ever enjoyed was Scary Movie 3.

    • Katie says:

      hmmmmm…..I think I’m going to have to watch SM3 again….there was a lot of creativity behind this movie that I had to appreciate.

  3. Joanna says:

    It’s true, I kind of imagine James Franco’s closet as being full of distressed-by-design jeans and chunky cardigans. Very burnt-out professor.

    • Katie says:

      perfect description! He wears a lot of Gucci. I have to wonder if their sweaters are hand knit since they cost around $1000.

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