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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

Last night, I pulled out my trusty 2.25mm Signature Needle Arts DPN’s and cast on for a new pair of Hunter Hammersen socks. Then, I made peace with the fact that the chart is 34 stitches wide and a truly smart knitter would be magic looping. So, I switched my shiny green DPN’s for addi circulars, only to realize that the stiletto tips had been terribly handy given all the lovely twisted stitches. So, today Lisa and I headed to an LYS to hunt down some addi sock rockets.

Now, I’ve knit more than a few socks. The majority of these have been Hunter Hammersen patterns. For most of her patterns to fit my foot, I check the gauge and end up knitting with 2.25mm needles. The yarn shop had 2.0mm needles and 2.5’s. The owner kindly ordered my preferred size.

Here’s the conversation in the car on the way back from the shop:

Lisa: So, 2.25mm. How did you discover that was THE size for sock needles? trial and error?

Me: I don’t use 2.0mm because wooden needles that small break too frequently, Signature Needle Arts doesn’t make 2.0mm DPN’s, and sometimes they give me hand cramps.
2.5mm needles do not give me a fabric as dense as I like.

Lisa: I just wonder if .25mm could matter that much?

Me: Well, Elizabeth Zimmermann knit a sock on four different sized needles to prove that it could be done and needle size doesn’t really matter. But, I think we both know I’m not Elizabeth Zimmermann.

She did not disagree.

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I test knit these for Louise Tilbrook. The hardest part was choosing a color that would do the pattern justice. I also wanted to pick a color that would match several outfits, but in the end, I wasn’t in the mood to knit khaki socks. Cause this color is so much more fun!

Comb Gill SocksComb Gill Socks

Pattern: Comb Gill by Louise Tilbrook
Needles: 2.25mm Signature Needle Arts DPN’s
Yarn: String Theory Hand Dyed Caper Sock
Colorway: Juice
Note: When you begin, these are not going to look amazing. Just keep going, and once you have a few repeats, the magic happens.

Right after I finished these, my parents visited and we headed down to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

IMG_4888IMG_4887Dad on top of the observation tower.IMG_4889

I talked them into lunch at Torchy’s and my dad said it might have been the best taco he’s ever had. (It might have been because we were starving, but Torchy’s is really good. )

Linaria Bipartita Socks

Linaria Bipartita Sock (I sometimes carry spare knit socks to color coordinate as needed. Don’t you?)

Then, we went antiquing in Georgetown before meeting up with The Husband at Casa de Metzroth for a 42 tournament. It was a perfect day.
My lovely parents

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The Freak Like Me socks are well-traveled. I give you…. my favorite haunts.


Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine

Mod Pizza

Mod Pizza



Mother's Café and Garden

Mother’s Café and Garden

House Pizzeria

House Pizzeria





outside Mother's Café and Garden




My parents with a sock at Kountry Katfish!

…and my adorable parents with a Freak Like Me sock. I appreciate them always embracing me exactly as I am!

Needles: I started with 2.25mm Signature Needle Arts DPN’s and switched to addi turbo circulars because I don’t knit with DPN’s on planes…since the time I dropped one through my seat straight into the purse of the woman sitting behind me.

Yarn: Fingering yarn from Fiber Addiction

Colorway: Freak Like Me

Pattern: My own experiment

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