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I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Mostly I tell stories about knitting.

The thing about knitting sweaters is that worst case scenario, one can rip the whole thing out and just end up with yarn. No blood, no foul.

A good friend of mine lovingly wore holes in a sweater her husband brought her from England. Then, she sweetly requested my help in returning it to its former glory. The stakes here were a bit higher for if I totally botched her sweater, I couldn’t just rip the whole thing. She said I could keep it as long as I needed and never mentioned it again.
for years.
Seriously. She brought new meaning to the words, “no pressure”.

As our friendship grew, we exchanged self help book recommendations. It’s handy to have a friend that likes to discuss such things because people that are not into self help books do not like to discuss all the personal growth they should be doing. Trust me on this. One day, she mentioned “Daring Greatly” by Brene’ Brown to me. I started listening to the audio book and found myself spending the better part of a Sunday pouring over this sweater and managing to turn this:

into this:

I had been too afraid to fail to even attempt fixing her sweater, until I wasn’t.

Franklin's BBQ as we arrived


L and I took Friday off to tackle waiting in line for Franklin’s BBQ. We planned to play it by ear given the rain forecast and are not hard core enough to stand in the rain for hours before they open. (Knitting while holding an umbrella is not feasible.) We both live a bit north of Austin, so by the time we realized (via Twitter) that the line might be substantial, there was nothing to be done, but see it in person. We arrived around 10:45 and solidified that the people who say that rain keeps people away tell lies. all lies.



As advertised, there was a line monitor. We overheard him tell the couple in front of us that it was going to be 3pm before they ordered, then he left and we considered abandoning the game. But, we dutifully waited our turn. He showed back up, handed them a piece of colored paper and told them they were the last people guaranteed brisket. L and I exchanged glances as he approached us. He stated that we’d be getting to the front of the line at 3pm and we might get brisket but were not guaranteed. At that point I pretty much stopped listening and Lisa was halfway to the car as he followed up with the kicker, “I can offer you chopped beef?” Almost in synch, we said something to the effect of “um, no. Thank you!” as we bolted. You want us to wait 4 hours in line in the rain without knitting for chopped beef?!? hell, no. The people in line behind us drove in from Dallas, so we were only too happy to increase their brisket chances by bailing. L and I could not stop laughing and did appreciate that in the end, the choice was easy.
Franklin's BBQ as we left


We stowed the umbrella and headed to Alamo Drafthouse – Village for Pitch Perfect 2. As we settled into the cozy dry seats, we realized how hungry we were and were thankful we were on the same page and could laugh about our Franklin fail. We’ll try again on a sunnier non-Friday.

I’d not seen Pitch Perfect, but liked the previews for Pitch Perfect 2, so I was pumped to see it. I enjoyed the music, the laughs, the company, the vibe of the audience (seeing it on opening day was a good call) and my Royale with cheese. I cannot recall when I’ve seen more net shirts in a movie, but the whole thing was good fun and I’ll watch it again.

After the movie, we hit Honey Bee Quilts because they close at 5 on Fridays and I wanted to do some browsing. I like the idea of hand quilting and plan to learn to use a machine more proficiently this summer, so it’s motivating to scope out inspiring fabrics.


Next, we swung into Coyote Yarns. She has a nice selection of Dale of Norway patterns, especially baby ones if you’re interested and many workhorse yarns. I noticed some grape colored Cash Vero DK that would make a nice baby sweater if you’ve a mind. But, as I generally stick to socks, I didn’t find anything I needed.

Overall, it was a perfect Friday and I look forward to Franklin’s BBQ – Take 2 with L.

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Over the Christmas break, The Husband and I met family in San Antonio.
We went to the zoo.

We played in the pool.
We went to the Riverwalk on Christmas Eve.
We made smores.
We looked at Christmas lights.
We visited Grandma.
We played Clue, Twister, and Checkers.
We took Christmasy photos.
Christmas 2013

…and of course, there was some knitting.
Aurin socks

Ps. Is this post even delayed if my tree is still up?


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